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The following 11 class members are still truant!

Do you have any information that will help us find them?

If you don't know their whereabouts, do you know anybody that might be able to help?
(i.e. brother, sister, parent, soul mate, parole officer, ex-spouse, mistress, friend, etc.)

If you are on this list and joined (or something similar) and expected someone to contact you, we can't communicate with those Web sites without spending $$.  We're cheap, therefore,

Please click here to send whatever information you have!

This page was last updated on June 27th, 2019!
If you haven't viewed this page since then - check it out!
(Click underlined name to view picture of missing class member)

Allen, Jane (Last known address - None)

Christensen Jenkins, Margaret (Last known address - Dover, Delaware)

Davenport, Steve (Last known address - None)

Dayhuff Williams, Betty Jean (Last known address - Stockton, CA)

Empfield, Carol (Last known address - None)

Meyer Clark, Cheryl (Last known address - Seward, NE)

Murphy, Jane (Last known address - None)

Pudge, Mary (Last known address - None)

Simma McCauley, Charlene (Last known address - St. Petersburg, FL)

Tegtman Jordan, Janice (Last known address - Los Angeles, CA)

Townsend, Kerry (Last known address - None)

Vance, Jane (Last known address - None)