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Class Directory - By Location

The primary intent on this online directory is to show where the Class of '64 alumni reside. Accordingly, you can determine which classmates live in your geographic area and contact them via email.  Obviously, the more email addresses we have in the directory, the more useful it becomes.  If your e-mail is not listed in the directory, please click here and let us know what it is!  So doing will greatly help the reunion committee maintain an up-to-date class database.

The directory is structured alphabetically by state.  Within each state, content is listed alphabetically by city, and then, by alumni last name. 
If you want to look up an individual by last name, but you do not know where they live, click here  to view a separate class directory in alphabetical order.
The following directory has been created so your email address is hidden from email robots (i.e. harvesters).  Email harvesters are unable to read the email addresses listed in the directory; therefore, preventing them from sending junk mail!
If you still do not wish your email address to be listed, simply
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Last updated March 8th, 2012

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State /
Alumni Name
City Email Address* Change
Eames Barron, Linda Craig 2/23/2011
Buckner, Neal Casa Grande 4/25/2008
Chism, John Cibola Not available
Armfield, Charlie Flagstaff 1/27/2009
Vineyard Greenwell, Sandy Green Valley Not available 4/13/2009
Baugh Montgomery, Susan Mesa Not available
Cox, Larry Phoenix 1/27/2009
Gibson, Bill Phoenix Not Interested1/28/2008
Hale Hendrix, Marsha Phoenix 1/1/2009
Heinze Todd, Marcy Phoenix 12/9/2009
Bechtold, Norm Prescott Not available
Cumpsten Durham, Annette Scottsdale 4/7/2004
Thompson, Bob Sierra Vista 1/27/2009
Conlin Morgan, Cheryl Tucson 12/9/2009
Herald Herron, Sharon Tucson 3/15/2005
Manning Campin, Linda Tucson 1/4/10
Franken, Marjorie Altadena Not available
Stevenson, Dick Citrus Heights
Wright Barnard, Joan Crestline1/27/2009
Foster Speka, Pam Martinez 9/3/2004
Jonach Caudill, Joan Medesto 2/27/2009
Mogensen Gorman, Linda Millville Not available 3/17/2009
Baylis, Bill Oroville Not available 5/27/09
Bossert Little, Dana Paradise 5/11/2009
Salas, Sergio (Albert) Rose Mead4/18/2004
Scoles Rice, Sandy Roseville Not Distributed 6/23/2004
Silva, Mike Santa Cruz Not available
Anderson, Hugo Santa Monica 7/26/2009
Chavez Wallechinsky, Flora Santa Monica 4/19/2004
Fenton, Doug Ventura Not available
Glahn, Dwight Arvada 4/19/2006
Barber Castellani, Dixie Aurora Not available 3/17/2009
Deets, John Aurora 7/29/2011
Keirnes, Helen Aurora Not available
Loomis Melton, Terre Aurora 1/10/2007
Lythgoe, Scott Aurora 2/16/2009
Frink, Ron Berthoud 6/3/2009
Ritter, Bill Berthoud 8/2/2010
McConnell Roth, Louise Boulder Not available 4/10/2009
Lapp Lien, Gwen Boulder 7/28/2009
Munsinger Freemeyer, Sandy Briggsdale 4/1/2010
Trinidad, Felix Brighton 1/14/2011
Prull, Dale Broomfield 1/27/2009
Burden Gray, Marjie Buena Vista 4/15/2011
Carlson May, Jeannie Castle Rock 5/29/2007
Barber Castellani, Dixie Cederedge 1/23/2010
Bray Ricca, Ronalee Centennial 10/20/2009
Dallemand, Barbara Colorado Springs 1/27/2009
Moore Turner, Nancy Colorado Springs 3/27/2011
Peden, Jerry Colorado Springs Not available1/10/2007
Smith, Ron Colorado Springs 6/26/2004
Adams Tomson, Elaine Denver Not Interested 3/17/2009
Carlson, Daryl Denver 4/1/2007
Draxler Nanovich, Diane Denver Not available 2/16/2009
Keiger Walters, Maria Denver Not available
Malchow Sass, Peggy Denver 10/10/2005
Ryan, Sharon Denver
Swanson, Marleen Denver 8/4/2005
Vasquez Ortega, Toni Denver No Email  10/30/2006
Ballard, Dwayne Drake 4/19/2006
Benson Kitchen, Joyce Estes Park 3/14/2011
Logue, Paul Estes Park 4/21/2004
Frasier, Bill Evergreen 8/24/2009
Allen, Joyce Ft. Collins No Email  3/24/2009
Carlson, Jon Ft. Collins 12/6/2006
Ferguson Starck, Cindy Ft. Collins 4/25/2008
Graese, Walt Ft. Collins 7/28/2009
Horst, Harlan Ft. Collins 10/30/2006
Moon Pitner, Sue Ft. Collins 10/30/2006
Recker, Bob Fort Collins 1/3/2010
Schultz Story, Delia Ft. Collins 1/7/2009
Smith Trippel, Jennifer Ft. Collins Not Distributed 3/6/2009
Speece Nash, Marji Ft. Collins 11/29/2010
Steiner, Dennis Ft. Collins 10/30/2006
Trethewey, Robert Ft. Collins 4/10/2009
Ulfers, Chuck Ft. Collins 5/7/2009
Jurgemeyer, Marne Ft. Morgan 1/11/2012
Kretzer, Cary Ft. Morgan Not available 7/3/2009
Hoffman Venable, Susan Golden 11/29/2010
Ackerman Brin, Carmen Grand Junction 2/6/2009
Dickinson, Don Grand Lake Not Interested 2/6/2009
Andersen, Jim Greeley
Fentiman, Gary Greeley 1/11/2006
Kauffman Fentiman, Karen Greeley 1/11/2006
Ruesch, Bill Greeley
Owens, Suzie HomelakeNo Email 4/10/2009
Bland, Ron Johnstown 11/17/2010
Velasquez, Tim Johnstown 7/9/2009
Highland, Cody KerseyNo Email 12/6/2006
Trethewey Malott, Sue La Junta 11/29/2006
Kezer, John Lafayette 5/3/2004
Hotaling, John Lakewood 9/22/2008
Keller, Dwight Lakewood
Powell, Doug Lakewood5/20/2004
Menard Stirling, Pat Littleton 4/14/2004
Mowrey, Bruce Littleton No Email 3/23/2009
Mowrey, Rex Littleton 11/29/2006
Disney, Gary Longmont 1/31/2009
Highbarger, Mick Longmont 12/1/2008
Melick Ermentraut, Denise Longmont 11/29/2006
Bacon, Ken Loveland 2/27/2009
Bell Carlson, Sandy Loveland 3/2/2009
Beltz Dietz, Sharen Loveland Not Interested 3/27/2011
Bliss Cook, Glenna Loveland 6/7/2005
Bothun, Dave Loveland Not Distributed 5/11/2009
Brunmeier Drain, Mary Loveland No Email 11/29/2006
Chrisman, Larry Loveland 11/29/2006
Conrey Ranabargar, Linda Loveland 11/29/2006
Crosby Walker, Janis Loveland Not Distributed11/29/2010
Cruise, Delbert Loveland 1/14/2011
Davidson Hilbert, Suellyn Loveland
Devlin Turner, Pat Loveland 1/14/2011
Duffey, Terryl Loveland 3/15/2005
Egner Johnston, Barbara Loveland Not Available
Elijah, Vern Loveland
Ellis Schiller, Phyllis Loveland 11/29/2006
Fabrizius Sheppard, Gloria Loveland No Email 11/29/2006
Farley, David Loveland No Email10/30/2006
Fogarty, Jim Loveland 9/22/2008
Fogleman McDonnell, Rhonda Loveland 6/2/2006
Furr Covan, Evelyn LovelandNo Email10/30/2006
Guerrero, Paul Loveland 10/30/2006
Griess, Ivan Loveland Not Available 2/20/2009
Halsey, Larry Loveland 1/16/2009
Helzer, Glen Loveland Not Available
Hoover, Denise Loveland 5/10/2004
Horst, Dennis Loveland 10/30/2006
Hurley Rutledge, Sheila Loveland 4/3/2007
Ivers Bergman, Velda Loveland
Jeffery, Candyce Loveland 11/1/2006
Johnson, Rick Loveland Not Available  10/30/2006
Keener Kuseski, Brenda Loveland Not Interested 1/27/2009
Kline, Lee Loveland 12/6/2006
Kretzer, Gary Loveland Not Available 2/16/2009
Lebsack, Dennis Loveland 9/6/2010
Maisch Jacobs, Judy Loveland 6/13/2006
McBlair Clausen, Sylvia Loveland 7/20/2004
McCrady, Ken Loveland 12/3/2011
Minnick Jefferson, Susan Loveland 6/14/2010
Mock, Ron Loveland Not Available 2/16/2009
Moya Romero, Flora Loveland 4/23/2009
Nelson, Bob Loveland 2/8/2010
Niemczyk Ruckle, Geri Loveland Not Available
Packard, Dane Loveland Not available 3/17/2009
Puls Smith, Sharon Loveland No Email2/6/2009
Ruckle, Jerry Loveland Not Available
Schmer Graham, Nancy Loveland
Schott Depperschmidt, Dorothy Loveland Not Available
Schroetlin, Ken Loveland Not Available
Schulz Brewer, Marlow Loveland Not Available
Shaffer Nelson, Diane Loveland 2/8/2010
Sides Johnson, Nancy Loveland 9/4/2007
Skroch, George Loveland Not Available
Smith, Earl Loveland Not Available
Sturgis Pickett, Linda Loveland Not Available
Sullivan, Kent Loveland 9/24/2004
Tjaden, Lavern Loveland 2/26/2009
Weber, John Loveland No Email1/27/2009
Whittaker Becker, Sherry Loveland Not Available
Wolaver, Dale Loveland Not Available
Lindlief Vahrenkamp, Linda Lyons 6/7/2005
Olander Raybourn, Vivian Lyons No Email1/27/2009
Winslow Spence, Vicki Masonville Not Available
Martinez Freyer, Peggy Milliken Not Available 7/3/2009
Scofield, Tom Milliken Not Available
Dunn Neill, Cecelia Monument 2/16/2009
Neill, Terry Monument 2/16/2009
Tilger, August Parker 1/27/2009
Stone Agee, Mary Ann Red Feather Lakes Not Distributed 4/26/2004
Retzlaff Seiler, Rose Anne Severence 4/20/2009
Batty, Selby Sterling
Lehl Frank, Leorra Wellington 1/31/2009
Massey, Keith Windsor 10/30/2006
Christensen Jenkins, Margaret Harrington 5/11/2004
Risinger Ogata, Kathy Kealakekua, Maui 9/21/2009
Frank Coe, Carol Lahaina, Maui 5/11/2009
Anderson, Ron Fort Dodge 4/13/2009
Brown Schroder, Jennifer Boise 12/1/2008
Baker Smith, Sue Cascade 6/3/2009
Kirkpatrick Hardin, Sherry Twin Falls
Gray Davis, Gail Woodridge 1/31/2009
Floyd, Dave Leavenworth No Email1/29/2009
Deuth, Tom Shawnee 1/16/2009
Skinner Lewis, Dorene Harvard Not available
Menard, Ted Belfast 8/15/2011
Earle Olsson, Karin Columbia Not available
Fogland, Chuck Alpena
Huber Heemstra, Jane Jenison2/16/2009
Quick-Brewer, Nancy Oronoco 8/2/2005
Houston Swanson, Sandra St Paul Not Distributed 9/22/2008
Dittmar, Dwight Billings 7/29/2004
Bridgeman Oscarson, Judy Lake Saint Louis 11/12/2009
Biasini Souther, Cherie Columbia Falls 5/27/2004
Pierce Dolphin, Barb Polson 1/27/2009
Cooper, Dave Fremont 3/29/2005
Reeb Mannigel, Lois Lincoln Not available 3/6/2009
Shockman Rodgers, Mary Lincoln 10/30/2006
Burge, Dick Lodgepole No Email 11/29/2006
Meyer Clark, Cheryl Seward Not available 3/17/2009
New Mexico
Zimmerman, Marvin Albuquerque Not available
Jones, David Los Lunas 2/16/2009
Winkley, Rita Santa Fe 9/6/2010
New York
Smith McGarghan, Kathy Unknown 3/17/2009
Bishop Paul, Nola Las Vegas 12/6/2006
McCrea, Ed Las Vegas 9/6/2010
Moritz, Larry Las Vegas 4/15/2004
Pfeiff, Wilber Broken Arrow 7/26/2009
Bonner Halsey, Beulah Park Hill 3/15/2005
Bruns, Rich Beaverton 8/1/2007
Dreis, Tim Milwaukie Not available
Smith, Steve Woodburn 3/8/2012
Burriss Gray, Cathy Narberth 1/16/2009
Swartz Walker, Evelyn West Chester
South Carolina
Singleton Woodward, Linda Myrtle Beach 2/8/2010
Johnson, Jerry Carthage 4/15/2009
Bernard, Charlie Memphis 2/16/2008
Taylor, Jerry Celina 11/17/2010
King Bronaugh, Sharon Dallas 7/29/2010
Wilson, Donn Denton 2/16/2009
Wanamaker, Dick Granbury 12/9/2009
Propp, Rick San Antonio 1/27/2009
Milligan Moffit, Peggy Clearfield Not available
Sheneman, Lyle Taylorsville 2/9/2009
United Kingdom
Meeker, Nancy Rose

Easton, Portland

Denny, Don Raphine No Email 1/16/2009
Manning, Jim Edmonds 9/16/2011
Henderson, Don Kent Not Distributed 1/28/2008
Lachinski Curry, Linda Kent 8/26/2004
Wells, Terry Lakewood Not available 2/23/2009
Burkard Engel, Helen Vancouver1/16/2009
Bond Classen, Margaret Yakima Not available
Vincent, Barbara Yelm8/24/2009
Becker, Bob Cheyenne Not available 3/17/2009
McMillan Ballard, Bev Kinnear Not available
Clausen Kats, Tina Larimie Not available
Clymer, Gary RivertonNot available
*LEGEND: "Email Me!" - Click to send an email.
              "Not available" - We have no idea if the person even has email.  Please contact us!
              "Bad Address" - The email address we have on file is no longer a valid address. Please contact us!
              "No Email" - The person does not have email.
              "Not Distributed" - The person only wants the reunion committee to know their email address.
              "Not Interested" - The person does not want to share their email address with reunion committee or alumni.